An image accompanied by a short observation of the world's uncanny actuality.
A window forms false symmetry with its illusionary phantom which brings to the fore an architectural lobotomy.
Model is intimate and distant in one, procedural and terminal in one. It's a miniature with a scale for human yet a full-size house for cats.
An anti-functionalist door is one that leads to nowhere, or anywhere -- when it is conjured with the presumption that people levitate.
When light comes from behind, it produces silhouettes, on a stage as well as in life. The beauty of a silhouette lies in the fact that it reduces objects, regardless of their inherent complexities and personal predilections, into a same degree of representational abstractness.
History is like Perseus carrying the severed head of Medusa to overcome his enemies -- one needs to accept the burden of the past in order to move forward.
If a window does not provide climatic barriers is it still a window? If a window frames a pictorial view is it sufficient to be called a window?
An alley is a defined series of framed views. Its confinement in lateral expansions is counteracted by an expression of dramatic verticality that links the earthly experience to that of the heaven.
Shadows are interplays of distances and angles. Geometrical intricacies are either amplified or simplified in the shadow casting processes.
The photographic image produces synthetic realities through the process of flattening -- this is true for both analog photography (chemical inscription) and its digital counterpart (data transmission).

* So, how many buildings are there in this photo?
Architecture, like art, is also composed of transient beauty.
Presence can be a silent tool of upfront confrontation.
The building has a starving belly. It's preferred food is knowledge.
Thinking of Eugène Atget's display windows: a montage through glass reflections. The interior and the exterior meet at the same representational plane.
[Chairs 01]
A deserted profusion of senses, perceptions, and choices in a post-pandemic age.
[Chairs 02]
A "model" chair that bridges the gap from two-dimensional surface to three-dimensional physicality.
[Chairs 03]
A gallery reworks memory, paying homage to both a bygone industry and a vanguard future.