ARCH 550 - The Architecture of Books
Fall 2020
Book Design and Making
A narration of scientific facts and subjective reflections alike, this book design is structured to be simultaneously informative and evocative. Historical references of narratives ranging from film making (*Charles and Ray Eames) to book design (*Bruce Mau) are utilized in developing strategies towards the construction of the imagery. Overall, composed of four main chapters, a graph-laden prologue and a mirroring epilogue, this book is designed to inform the readers of the basic facts of catastrophic drowning while inspiring meaningful contemplations. Texts adapted from David Wallace-Wells’ The Uninhabitable Earth are edited so that they become elongated captions that accompany a continuous visual narrative.
Developed during the time of a pandemic about another almost inescapable pandemic of the Anthropocene, this book design tests another means to construct connections outside of the architecture realm. Facts and reflections are interwoven in the narratives, structuring a space where audiences from various physical contexts would convene, through meditations, in their collective acquisition of knowledge.
*Any copyrighted material is exclusively used for educational purposes only.
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