Competition - Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition
Summer 2018
Group Work with Serena Liu
A tunnel of light and mirrors, a series of vertical frames that are reminiscent of a house, a chapel, or a series of torii ― this is an architecture installation that brings history to life in slices of moments and memory. History is about reflections, and one needs to refer back in order to move on. Walking in this tunnel, one sees his way lit up by the field of small mirrors that reflect the light at the entrance ― a metaphor of history as a guide for the future. On the other hand, history is immense. By occupying only part of it, one builds up partially the collective wisdom of human beings. In this installation, the repetitive frames seem to extend into infinity in the mirrors whereas the visitors can only experience a portion of it.
The installation is rendered with various backgrounds, whether a primitive desert, underground of a shrine, a European town, or a modern airport. These renderings in different contexts for the same tunnel form a continuous narrative, in which the installation is presented as a versatile and adaptive design that correlates: it sets up a shared memory for its various audiences, while bringing history to the foreground of everyday life.
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