ARCH 602 - Option Studio | Design Research
Spring 2021
Design Research (Video 01) with Serena Liu, Xing Yue Wen, and Han Zhu
Design (Video 02) with Serena Liu and Jeremy Harrienger, role: lead designer and representation
Part of research done for the Affordable Housing Lab at Rice University, this is a proposal for a new multifamily construction with "first stop" housing, located in Gulfton, Houston. The proposal is for a large development with both shorter-term rental units and longer-term LEC group-owned units. The short term rentals serve the "first stop" residents who are largely immigrants new to the Houston metropolitan area.
The modular room layout enables a modular construction where the building elements are standardized, granting the project further flexibility to meet different program needs.
Financially, rents are kept low enough to qualify the development for LIHTC, and a 3.5% return is predicted on investment at the end of a 10-year period. Overall, the openness of the site can add a key piece of social infrastructure to the Gulfton neighborhood, while at the same time providing the area with additional affordable housing.
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