Thesis Research
Writing, Book Design and Making, Architecture Design, Graphic Design, Exhibition Design
Seamless is a fusion of programs, a softening of the edge, an embracement of the advent of the hyper-real, and an exploration of technologically enhanced uncanniness to construct domesticity in a world with increasingly loose boundaries. This thesis proposes to investigate the instrumentality of images, to extend montage techniques from two-dimensional visuality into three-dimensional space-making. It uses meta-montage to understand culture, to storyboard, and to define a new way of living.
Book Details: 1) 60 pages of text, bound into one volume ; 2) 180 pages of design/photographs/illustrations, bound into 4 volumes; 3) images in collections loosely correspond to the four essays compiled in the textual volume; 4) three physical copies are printed by the author in Princeton and at a print house in Houston, on vellum and matte photo paper; 5) perfect binding and book jacket are designed and made by the author in Princeton; 6) inquiries should be sent via the form at the end of this page.
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